Finnacle, HR College’s first business and finance journal, was started with the aim to make the readers aware of the happenings in the business and finance world and help them understand the world around them better. We aim at providing the latest information in a concise and easy to read way.

Finnacle launched in September 2018 to help all the readers to enhance their knowledge about the business world. With topics such as Cover Story, Experts opinion, Personality of the issue , Fictionary-the Finance dictionary and rapid news, we encourage students from all streams and courses to send in articles and research.

This journal is published bi-monthly and is circulated through all college Whatsapp groups. It is also uploaded on the HR website.

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Coordinator- Ms. Shweta Singh



HR Speaks is HR College’s Monthly Magazine. It was created in January 2018, to give students a platform to share their memories and personal experiences with each other. With various sections such as Fictional Stories, Poetry Corner, Inter/Intra college events, Sports, and Real Experiences, it encourages submissions from students across all streams and courses. Over time, HR Speaks has evolved from being just a magazine, to a community, with students organizing various initiatives both in the magazine, and on their social media handles, to promote the message of growth, healing, and personal transformation through stories.


This Magazine is published on the 1st of every month and circulated through all college WhatsApp groups. It is also uploaded regularly on the HR college website. We invite all students of Degree College to send us their articles (stories and poems) on


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