Calendar of events - Junior College

Calendar of Events for 1st Term
Academic Year 2015-2016
  Calendar of Events for 2nd Term  
Date Event Date Event
15th June College Re-opens Mon 2nd SYJC Lang / IT
30th - 2nd July SYJC GO-TO-TEST / SYJC Defaulter's List Tues 3rd FYJC Economics
Wed 1st Essay Competition (Hindi) 7th to 26th Diwali Break
Fri 27th
College Re-open
31st to 2nd SYJC GO-TO-TEST    
Fri 31st Guru Purnima Tues 1st - 3rd HRite Week (CASCADE Club)
    Wed 2nd Gul - E - Gulzaar (Hindi Sahitya Parishad
    3rd - 4th Technitude 15 - Intra College
Techno Fest by Insight Club
    Sat 5th SYJC Terminal Paper Distribution
    Sat 7th French Fiesta (French Club)
Sat 1st SYJC Defaulter's List    
Mon 3rd QUIZ IT (Insight Club) Thur 10th Commerce Club Debate
Tues 4th - 9th Study Skills Workshop (for LD Students) Fri 11th IPC - International Programs
Sat 8th SYJC Open House Mon 14th FYJC Defaulter's List
Wed 12th IPC - International Programmes Tues 15th-17th FYJC Project Submission and Vivas
Mon 17th FYJC and SYJC Defaulter's List   for O.C / A/C / ECO and S.P
Thurs 20th Grade Improvement (SYJC) Sat 19th FYJC Open House
Thurs 20th FYJC 1st Unit Test English & Eco & Mon 21st - 22nd SYJC Prelims Practicals exam (Maths)
  E.E. Assignment & Collection   and FYJC English and Language VIVAS
Sat 22nd O.C & S.P / Maths    
Tues 25th Comquiz (ELIMS) 4th MON SYJC Prelims - Accounts
Fri 28th Comquiz (Finals) 5th Tues SYJC O.C
Sat 29th P.E. Journal Collection 6th Wed SYJC English
Sat 29th Ignite 15 (Inter-School Competition) 7th Thurs FYJC 2nd Units Eco & O.C + 2nd E.E Assignment
Mon 31st-2nd SYJC GO-TO-TEST 8th Fri SYJC Economics
    9th Sat FYJC Eng & Maths / SP
Tues 1st FYJC and SYJC Defaulter's List 11th Mon SYJC Maths / SP
Sat 5th Talent Parade (Tentative) 12th Thurs FYJC Lang / IT & Accounts
Sat 5th Teacher's Day (Young Minds) 13th Wed SYJC Languages / IT
Mon 14th BrandPlus (Commerce Club) 14th Thurs Makar Sankranti
Thur 1st - 3rd SYJC GO-TO-TEST 1st week  
Sat 10th Rose Day (Young Minds) 2nd week SYJC English & Languages Board Vivas
Wed 14th SYJC combined Defaulters List    
  (will not be permitted to fill HSC Form)    
Thur 15th - 17th SYJC Project Submission and Vivas    
  for O.C, A/C, ECO and S.P    
Thur 15th - 17th SYJC Maths Journal Checking    
Fri 16th FYJC Defaulter's List    
Mon 19th SYJC English & P.E    
Tues 20th FYJC Maths / SP Last Week FYJC Annual Exams
Wed 21st SYJC O.C & E.E. Project Collection    
Fri 23rd FYJC Accounts & E.E. Project Collection    
Mon 26th SYJC Economics    
Tues 27th FYJC Lang / IT   FYJC Result and Admission to SYJC
Wed 28th SYJC Accounts    
Thur 29th FYJC O.C    
Fri 30th SYJC Maths / SP MAY, 01 Summer Vacation begins
Sat 31st FYJC English