Inter Collegiate Events

Lifelong Learning and Extension
December 12, 2014

Research Cell which is now also a Unit of Lifelong Learning and Extension is working on its Extension activities. Prof. Jitendra Aherkar, Field Coordinator for Lifelong Learning and Extension, University of Mumbai; visited H.R. to meet the students and faculty coordinator Dr. (Mrs) Geeta Nair.
Prof. Aherkar was duly impressed with the Extension students interest, declaring HR College as the host for the University Level Extension Fest which is to be held in two phases. The students also discussed their vision of helping out peons to complete their education and the ways and means to achieve this.
The students will also be presenting on a current social issue in a College event as mentioned by Prof. Jitendra.

Off D Cuff – An Extempore Speaking & Debating Competition December 16, 2014

The Public Speaking and Debating Society (PSDS) organized its inter collegiate flagship event – Off D Cuff – on December 16, 2014. An addition this year was a quiz competition that assessed the participant’s general knowledge. This resulted in a fantastic turnout of 88 participants across 23 colleges in Mumbai. The topics chosen for the extempore and debate were apt and relevant to the modern world ranging from book reviews, social issues, government and politics, student lives, education and the likewise. The judges for the competition were Dr. Meera Bharwani (Xavier Institute of Engineering) and Dr. Madhuri Nikam (R.K. Talreja College), both experts in the field of English language. Participants across various streams expressed their views strongly, making it tough for the judges in deciding the winner.

All the participants who recognized the importance of such platforms, highly appreciated the conceptualization of such a competition and felt that such events must be organized more often to give students an opportunity to express their viewpoints. The newsletter 'Insight', which consists of articles contributed by the members of PSDS, was released on this occasion.

Winners of the Debate & Extempore Speaking Competition

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mr. Aayush Patodria Mr. Tushar Sadhu Ms. Neha Bhudadev
Mithibai College Fr. CRCE College TCSC College

Winners of the Quiz Competition

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Ms. Nazia Ahmed Mr. Rishi Shah Mr. Darius Balsara
MMK College DJSC MMK College

22nd & 23rd September 2017

The Students' Council of H.R. College organized its flagship event NUMERO UNO, the largest Mathematics and Statistics festival in Mumbai, on 22nd & 23rd September 2017.

The festival was inaugurated by I/C Principal Prof Parag Thakkar; and Vice Principals Dr. Jehangir Bharucha, Dr. Pooja Ramchandani and Dr. Rajeshwari Ravi. The two day event saw participation from 37 schools and colleges across Mumbai. Numero Uno 2017 was also an intra college festival wherein many students represented their clubs to win the Best Club trophy.

The Students' Council organized the two day quiz with 5 Events:
Numero Uno - The Classic Quiz, the flagship event
Monopolium Mathematica
Pandemonium, a brand new event
Mind It!
Stumped to bid
The top three winners of The Classic Quiz, Monopolium Mathematica, Pademonium and Mind It! battled for the trophy of ultimate championship in the event Master Numero Uno.

The winners were felicitated at the Valedictory Ceremony and trophies were awarded by Chief Guest Dr. Dinesh Kamble, Registrar, University of Mumbai; I/C Principal Prof Parag Thakkar; and Vice Principal Mrs. Dipika Bhatia at the KC Auditorium.

The joint winners of Numero Uno 2017 were R.N. Podar School and N.M. College.
Investment Club of H.R. College [ICHR] won the Best Club Trophy.
The event was an incredible success, with participation of 538 teams this year.
Hearty congratulations to the entire organizing team!

August 31 - September 1, 2014

Numero Uno, the flagship inter collegiate event of The Students' Council of the H.R. College of Commerce & Economics organised its two day flagship event, the city's largest mathematical and statistical quiz aimed at bringing all the math and stats enthusiasts on a platform, where they could participate with their knowledge and skills. 700 students registered for all events online. A registration desk was also set up in the college canteen for the in-house students.

Events over the two days were Numero Uno - The Classic Quiz; Monopolium Mathematica; and C.H.A.O.S., an acronym for Creating & Harnessing An Omnipresent System and 2 new events Stumped to Bid and Mind It!

Vice Principal Dr. Rekha Bahadur and Prof-in-charge Shubadha Kanchan addressed and felicitated the winners at the closing ceremony. C.H.A.O.S. had Cathedral and John Connon School bagging the 1st position. Final rounds of the Numero's three major events and Stumped To Bid took place on the second day.

H.R. College of Commerce & Economics won Stumped to Bid;
D.A.V. Panvel won Monopoly;

R.N. Podar won Mind It and The Classic Quiz.

Cathedral and John Connon was awarded the Numero Uno trophy 2014 for their overall performance.

SHOTCUTS 2013 - Annual Inter-collegiate Film Making Festival

December 11, 2013

Shotcuts'13 – An inter-collegiate short film making competition at H.R. College is a stepping stone for many new film makers, which brings out the talent for the industry organized by The General Event Management Society & Bioscope – The Film Club.
The Judges for the event were Sobhita Dhulipala, Femina Miss India Earth 2013; Sameer Hanchate, Film Maker & Actor and Gopal Tiwari, Assistant Director of Shantketan Films.

Vice Principal Dr. Rekha Bahadur along with Dr. Rita Khatri and Dr. Paromita Chakrabarti warmly welcomed the judges, followed by Ganesh Vandana performed by Hansika Shahani.

All the participants from various colleges selected a dialogue and portrayed a story through their conceptual and creative skills on screen.

The audience was enthralled with an exceptional dance performed by CHOICE.

Indian Idol Junior singer Radnyi Khadilker also graced the event & mesmerized the audience with her beautiful voice.

HR Youth Conclave 2014 September 16, 2014

Moderator: Mr. Sunil Lulla, Chairman & MD, Grey Worldwide(India) Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Nitin Jain, Head Capital Markets, Edelweiss Broking Ltd.
Dr. Indu Shahani, Principal, HR College of Commerce and Economics
Mr. Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder & Director Media Operations, Foxymoron
Ms. Vibha Kagzi, CEO & Founder, ReachIvy

Expectations by students, from the discussion on ‘Are today’s graduates employable?’ were very high. Getting insight into the students’ eligibility for employment on graduation; and the need to bridge the skill gap between education and the industry were uppermost. The session started with the panelists answering pointed questions posed by the moderator Ms. Vibha Kagzi. The major points put forward by the speakers were that the education system should be reformed with vocational training made an important part of education. Innovation in education is necessary. Dr Shahani also defined a good education to have a strong concept, apt application, and creativity: along with openness and responsibility. Mr Bajaj believed that a paper degree was an enabler. He mentioned how besides extra skills, a degree represented a person’s education. The gaps in the education-employment system were due to the lack of application through education, lack of passionate teachers and the lack of interesting educational content for the students. He set himself as an example to explain students to how passion and a strong will to be someone makes the difference.
The discussion brought clarity to what the industry expects from students and how they have to achieve it. Students need lots of opportunities for developing employability skills through extracurricular options, under taking vocational training courses, and courses spanning a wide range of topics, available online. Besides reinventing to get ahead in life, one has to grab opportunities as they are limited. Mr. Lulla stressed the importance of ethics. He strongly felt that our activities and learning should be within the ethical framework. To be employable, you need a range of skills and attitudes. Creative thinking is one of them. The trophies for the best question were given out. Jai Hind College won the trophy for the largest contingent. The feedback received by the audience was phenomenal! 86% of the audience rated the quality of the event as excellent and very good. 82% of the audience found the event very interesting and interactive. 85% of the audience rated the overall management of the event as excellent.

ICHR - BLAZE 2015 February 5 & 6, 2015

BLAZE- Business Luck Ambition Zeal Entrepreneurship, an inter - collegiate Finance festival was organized by The Investment Club of H.R. College of Commerce & Economics.

The theme was FUTURE. ECONOMIES. YOU. – indicating youth empowerment in the future.The event aimed at creating a platform for the booksmart and the streetsmart, with over 9 events along with 3 pre events.

BLAZE was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Indu Shahani & Vice - Principals Dr. Rekha Bahadur and Ms. Heena Thakkar in our opening event BULLSEYE. With flagship events like Treasure Hunt, Cerebrum Tingler, MADMEN, this year there was an onslaught of new events like Winning 11 for all the football enthusiasts, Deal or No Deal incorporating Mergers and Acquisitions and also F Click for all the selfie queens and kings of Business.

The event saw a participation of more than 800 students from different colleges in Mumbai.

The winners for the events were:
1st – Entourage Enterprises (Jai Hind College)
2nd – E Lemon Aters (Mithibai College)
3rd – Ad Venture Capitalists (NMIMS)
Largest Contingent – Minerva (H.R. College)
Mr. Blaze and Ms. Blaze - Akshay Shetty and Parneet Kaur Alag, Minerva (H.R. College)