Inter Collegiate Wins

Inter Collegiate Wins

After setting a record at Malhar, the Council for Handling & Organising Inter Collegiate Events (CHOICE) under the guidance of Prof-in-charge Dr. Amit Nandu, blazed new trails at prestigious inter collegiate events Kshtij, Kaleidoscope and Waves.

H.R. Wins FINACC'17

August 5, 2017

HR won first position at FINACC'17 an inter-collegiate Finance and Research Festival organised by R.A Podar College. The H.R. College contingent was led by Contingent Leaders: Rudra Nikam & Karishma Ghandhi and Assistant Contingent Leader: Tushar Puri.

Esploro Prezentado: Research event
1st Place: Naiomi Tom & Jaishree Meharchandani

The Business Analyst: Finance
1st Place: Priyanshi Chokshi & Anirudh Agarwal

Etude De Cas: Case Study
1st Place: Priyanshi Chokshi & Anirudh Agarwal
2nd Place: Rahul Utamchandani & Saloni Gopani


August 12, 13 & 14, 2017

Malhar is hosted annually by the students of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India. The inter collegiate festival includes events, cultural contests in literary, performing arts and fine arts categories, along with a number of workshops on different themes.

Malhar was held on August 12, 13 & 14, 2017. This year the unique theme provided to all the contingents was "Upside Down" with almost all events based on this theme, thus requiring something "upside down" to take place in each performance such as role reversal, gender change etc. Events this year ranged from Dances such as Jazz, Streets and Bollywood; to Plays like Street play with a twist; English Theatre with a role reversal. Solo events in Malhar ranged from Personality Contests to Solo singing and Business events.

C.H.O.I.C.E contingent of H.R. College brought home the coveted Overall Malhar trophy for the 4th consecutive year. HR also grabbed the Fine Arts & Performing Arts Trophies along with the Overall Winner's trophy.

This year’s contingent was led by Contingent Leader: Aditya Pandya, and Assistant Contingent Leaders: Freea Bhikhaji, Jay Bajaj and Karan Punwani. Without their hardwork and dedication we would not have been able to secure this win.


7th – 9th September, 2017

H.R. College represented by the Students' Council won Arthanomics 2017, a national level Business & Economics Festival organized by Jai Hind College, for the fourth consecutive year.

The H.R. College contingent was led by Contingent Leader Yash Shroff and Assistant Contingent Leader Rhea Anthonyraj.

List of Winners:
1. Snap Out Of It (1st Position) : Rishabh Bafna, Yash Shroff, Gautam Chadha, Kulsum Gheewala, Nikhil Unni, Ragila R Nath & Rhea Anthonyraj

2. Crime In Catastrophe (1st Position) : Ragila R Nath & Rhea Anthonyraj

3. Quiz (1st Position) : Gautam Chadha & Nikhil Unni

4. Power Play (2nd Position) : Harsh Sheth & Rohit Kumar

5. Power Play (3rd Position) : Rishabh Bafna & Yash Shroff

6. Quit Pro Quo (1st Position) : Jiyo Katju & Rishabh Bafna

7. Quit Pro Quo (2nd Position) : Abhinav Ravi & Rishi Pania

8. Quit Pro Quo (3rd Position) : Dhananjay Rathi

9. Tessellate (3rd Position) : Ragila R Nath & Rhea Anthonyraj

Congratulations to the entire team!


11th - 12th September, 2017

H.R. College represented by the Students' Council, won Gnaritas 2017, an Intercollegiate Business & Economics Festival organized by Mithibai College, for the 7th consecutive year since its inception.

The H.R. College contingent was led by Contingent Leader: RishabhBafna and Assistant Contingent Leader: DhananjayRathi.Winners:

1. Gnaritas Stock Exchange (2ndPosition) : Rishi Pania& Harsh Sheth

2. Adwarsity (1st Position) : Yash Shroff & Hitesh Singh

3. Adwarsity (2ndPosition) : Gautam Chadha & Nikhil Unni

4. Convolution (1st Position) : Abhinav Ravi & Nikhil Unni

5. Convolution (2nd Position) : Gautam Chadha & Hitesh Singh

6. Convolution (3rdPosition) : JiyoKatju&Rishi Pania

7. Rapid Rush(1stPosition) : ShubhamBafna&Yashas Gupta

8. Rapid Rush (3rd Position) : DhananjayRathi&Ragila R Nath

9. Break The Deal (2nd Position) : Rhea Anthonyraj& Rishi Pania

10. Break The Deal (3rd Position) : Gautam Chadha & Nikhil Unni

Kudos to the entire team!


September 12-17, 2017

Sophia College holds its inter-collegiate festival Kaleidoscope annually. The theme of this year's festival was "It's Show Time". The events of the festival fall into one of the four categories - Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Fine Arts and Informals.

Kaleidoscope had an impressive range of events such as Dances like Jazz, Urban Dance, Classical and Contemporary Dance, Drama wherein 2 plays were a satire and a spoof respectively and 1 play which required an adaptation of classical novels. Furthermore, there was Sports events like kabbadi, cricket and football and even singing events like A Capella and solo singing.

H.R. College's C.H.O.I.C.E was led by Contingent Leader Pranav Mehta and Assistant Contingent Leaders Shahzad Patel, Hrithik Rajani and Pallon Shroff.

Facing the toughest competition it has in 9 years, H.R College's C.H.O.I.C.E fought tooth and nail and managed to secure an overall third place. This win would not have been possible without the hard work of the organising committee and the vigour of the performers.

Kshitij | Nov 30, Dec 3 to 5 2014

The penultimate fest of the year, Kshitij, hosted by Mithibai College added to the plethora of events taken part by CHOICE. Events in which HR College secured the 1st place were Street Dance, Filmmaking, Street Play, Solo B-Boying, Mono Acting, Western Ensemble Singing, Dot Painting, Extempore Speaking, JAM (Just A Minute), Creative Writing and Miss Kshitij.
HR College also won the overall trophies in the fields of Literary Arts and Performing Arts, cementing HR College's triumph over the other contingents.
The team Kshitij was led by contingent leader Ishan Hargunani and assistant contingent leaders Warren Remedios, Ayush Mohanani, and Shloka Shah.

Kaleidoscope | Sept 13 & 14, 2014

In September, the students of CHOICE set out to Sophia College to take part in Kaleidoscope, its annual fest. Having four days of eliminations and two days of finals, this fest created a feeling of utmost intensity amongst the students.
The theme for the fest was 'Be Iconic' and in its iconic style, the students of CHOICE won the 1st place trophy by a whopping 40 points, placing 1st in key events such as Sway with Me (Latin Dance), Back to the Streets (Street Dance), Nacho and Salsa (Bollywood Dance), The Times, they are a Changing (Dance for a Cause), Symphonique Category B (Broadway Play), Symphonique Category C (Afro Contemporary Dance), Mr. Kaleidoscope (Personality and Talent Contest), Rhydhun Category B (Hindi Stage Play), Fantasia (Creative Writing) and Yes Icon (Relay Race).
HR College also won the overall trophies for both Literary Arts and Performing Arts, showing the abundance of multifaceted talent it has to offer. The contingent leader of Kaleidoscope was Yash Bajaj and the assistant contingent leaders were Dev Bathija, Jehangir Daruvala and Ayush Mohanani.

Waves | Sept, 2014

November saw the students of CHOICE in Goa for Waves, an Inter-Collegiate Fest hosted and organised by The Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Goa Campus. A contingent of over a hundred students took part in various events in the four day fest with HR College securing an overall 2nd place trophy in one of India's largest fests of the year.
The contingent was led by Hushad Khan along with Rohin Punjabi, Aditya Pandya, Naira Mistry and Freea Bhikaji.

Enactus H.R. College placed 1st at Kalpavriksha Competition @ IIM Indore November 13, 2014

Two projects of ENACTUS HR College, Project Saarthi and Project Aasha, were among the top three finalists chosen from all the applicants across India, for Kalpavriksha competition organised by IIM Indore. The team, along with faculty advisor Prof. Ameya Ambulkar, presented the projects on the IIM campus.
Enactus H.R. College won the competition and the judges acknowledged the team to be the youngest but brightest team and wished to associate for future endeavours.

Sindhi Sangat 1st Runner-up at Inter-collegiate Fest November 29, 2014

Sindhi Sangat of H.R. College was First Runner up with a rolling Trophy and a Cash Prize at "HOJAMALO", an Inter collegiate competition organised by the Sindhi Circle of Jai Hind College. It was a skit and elocution competition amongst five leading Sindhi colleges of Mumbai.
It was a theme based skit on today's youth and Sindhi Culture, with a message of "NO RAGGING". The elocution competition was based on Sindhi Culture. The team was led by the Sindhi teacher Mrs. Kajal Ramchandani and the President of the club Ms. Rachna Dhanrajani and Vice President Akash Keswani.

Win at Under 17 State Girls Chess Championship November 2 to 5, 2014

Janhavi Soneji from SYJC secured 1st Place at the Under 17 State Girls Chess Championship held at Alibaug. She won the championship with a remarkable score of 8.5/9 and has been selected for the Nationals to be held at Patna, Bihar in December. Kudos to Janhavi!

Win at 4th Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship November 6 - 24, 2014

Jehan Daboo from FYJC represented Team India at the 4th Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship. He secured the 4th Place in the Team Championship, 5th Place in Doubles and reached the Pre Quarter Finals for both Singles and Mixed Doubles.
His current World Ranking in Deaf Badminton being:
Men's Singles - 37th Rank
Men's Doubles - 56th Rank
Mixed Doubles - 46th Rank
Kudos to Jehan!

HR Wins MONETA! December 5 - 8, 2014

H.R. College of Commerce and Economics won MONETA 2014, a Business and Finance event hosted by R.A. Poddar College; for a third consecutive year.
The contingent was led by Komal Vakil and Assistant Contingent Leader Gourav Parija.
Students of H.R. College bagged the 1st position in almost all events.

CFO Challenge
1st Prakhar Agrawal
2nd Sagar Punjabi
The Bait
1st Prakhar Agrawal and Shantanu Puro
2nd Anand Banarjee and Rahul Jain
1st Anand Banarjee
Mutual Fund
1st Anand and Rahul
2nd Prakhar Agrawal and Shantanu Puro
3rd Srushti Prasad and Aashna Bakshi
Financial Planner
1st Shantanu Puro and Prakhar Agrawal
The Elevator Pitch
1st Rayomand Anklesaria and Akshay Shetty
2nd Nisha Johar and Vineet Kaur
Bullring / Black Gold
3rd Ankisha Khetwani and Sneha Kishnani
Carbon Credit Czar
2nd Daivik Bhatia and Saumya Mundra
2nd Raunaq Vaisoha
Battle of the Nations
2nd Zahan Kalyaniwala and Yashraj Rajani
Board Room Challenge
3rd Sanskriti Bhatia
2nd Rohin Gupta and Aman Hemchand
3rd Vardhan Chedda and Akshay Shetty
2nd Prakshal Sakariya and Apeksh Porwal
3rd Prakhar and Shantanu

The event also saw highly commendable participation from: Jinal Shah, Nirmit Upadhyay, Dev Motta, Hitesh Wadhwa, Vedant Khondaya, Prakhar Jha, Gurpreet Singh, Aditya Lalwani, Srushti Thorat, Prakhshal Sakariya, Apekesh Porwal, Vaishishya Naik, Srishti Prasad, Aashna Bakshi, Keshub Bhatia, Aparna Iyer, Vardhan Chedda, Akshay Dagli, Thomas, Raghav Mathur.

Inter-Collegiate Wins
1st Place at Inter-Collegiate Poetry Writing and Recitation Competition at Bharat College of Commerce and Science, Badlapur

December 11, 2014: The Poetry Club at Bharat College, Badlapur organized a Poetry Writing and Recitation Competition to encourage young poets. The competition included performance poetry, youth-centric poems or poems based on current issues.
Mr. Aamir Anees Munshi, a TYBMS student, performed performance poetry on an abstract and often prejudiced topic of the Indian Society and stood 1st amongst 14 participating colleges. He was awarded a trophy and a certificate of merit.

2nd Place at Inter-Collegiate Business Presentation Competition at M.L. Dahanukar College of Commerce

December 12, 2014: M.L. Dahanukar College of Commerce organized Biz.Buzz – A Business Presentation Competition as a part of their Inter-Collegiate Festival – 'Kurukshetra.'
The first round comprised of business presentations on topics such as Shareholder Activision, FDI, Online Selling and Corporate Governance beyond Letters. This was followed by a second round of a Group Discussion on the 'Make in India' Campaign.
Mr. Aamir Anees Munshi & Mr. Rohin Gupta, students of TYBMS, represented H.R. College and participated in the competition. They made a presentation on Corporate Governance beyond Letters and stood 2nd amongst teams from 7 participating colleges. They were awarded certificates of merit and a cash prize.

HR First Runners-Up at the State Level Inter-collegiate
Youth Festival December 6-8, 2014

H.R. College bagged the first Runners-Up Prize in the State Level Inter-collegiate Youth Festival 'Maharashtra Utsav' organised on December 6-8, 2014, by 'ParnikaTrust' in affiliation with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra. HR MVM (Marathi Vangdmay Mandal) competed with 110 colleges across Maharashtra and won this trophy a second time.
Apart from this trophy, a number of individual & group event prizes were also won by students.
Followings are various events in which the students of the HR Marathi Vangdmay Mandal excelled:

1. Cookery
1st Prize - Payal Thakur
Consolation Prize - Samiksha Agrawal
2. Rock Band
1st Prize - H.R. College
3. Storytelling
2nd Prize - Dnyaneshwari Velankar
4. Comedy Story Writing
3rd Prize - Tejashree Mule
5. MEDC(Maharashtra Economic Dev. Council)
3rd Prize - Divya Vyas
6. CL event (contingent leaders)
Consolation H.R. College (Deven Karpe, Sameer Bhuvad, Dnyaneshwari Velankar )
7. Fashion show
Consolation - H.R College
8. Best CL (Contingent Leader) - Deven Karpe
9. Best College
2nd Prize - H.R. College

Bronze @ Maharashtra Boxing State Championship December 2 to 8, 2014

Parth Mehta (in the red corners) from FYJC-E secured the bronze medal in the 60-64kg (light welterweight) category at the juniors' Maharashtra Boxing State Championship held at Bhandak, Maharashtra

ECONUNDRUM December 11-13, 2014

For the very 1st time, H.R. College of Commerce and Economics grabbed the prestigious Econondrum trophy at the economic fest hosted by St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. The contingent was led by Anchal Shroff and assistant contingent leader Nirmit Upadhyay.
The outstanding participation of HR students in the events are as follows:

Budding economist 3rd Ishaan Jeloka
Fiscal Connect 2nd Vineet Kaur, Vaishishtya Naik and Mahak Singhal
3rd Srushti Thorat and Ankisha Khetwani

Arthniti paper presentation 1st Nirmit Upadhyay and Sagar Punjabi

Memeconomics 2nd Anchal Shroff and Sanskriti Bhatia
3rd Nisha Johar and Rayomand Anklesaria

Budget Simulation 1st Apeksh Porwal and Anand Banerjee
Raiders of the Last Reserve (quiz ) 1st Apeksh Porwal and Prakshal Sakaria

Football Simulation 1st Zahan Kaliyaniwala and Tushar Karkaria

The event also saw highly commendable participation from : Rayomand Anklesaria, Sakshie Rastogi, Smrithi Ganpathi, Rohin Gupta, Aman Hemchand, Prakhar Agrawal, Akshay Shetty, Vardhan Chedda, Bhavesh Badlani, Neel Churiwala, Vedant Khandray, Aditya Lalwani, Saumya Mundra, Mallika Bansal, Gurnav Singh Chadha, Rachna B, Meghal G, Hiren Mansukhani, Sneha Kishnani, Shreya Jain, Priyam Singh, Harsh Harwani, Mayur A, Piyush Agrawal, Gaurav Parija, Prakhar Jha, Gurpreet Singh, Sharan Mehra and Harsh M, Yash Nathani.

The Best Creation Spark 2014 Award for HR December 11, 2014

Students of Research Cell of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics attended SPARK 2014, an intercollegiate ad fest organised by RD National College and won "The Best Creation Spark 2014" award. The competition consisted of two rounds of creating advertisements and the students were appreciated for their different ideas and innovations in the limited time span given. Colleges from all over Mumbai took part in the event.
The event was judged by the eminent people from the field of advertising, Mr. Angelo Dias, CCO, Taproot India; Mr. Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather; Mr. Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas + Partners; and Mr. Prashant Pandey, CEO of Radio Mirchi. H.R. College is proud of its students taking part in such events and coming out with outstanding results.

Winner's @ Entourage 2014 December 13-15, 2014

HR was winner at events of Entourage, a college festival organized by Jaihind College for the courses BAF, BFM, BBI and BBA. This year, Jaihind College broadened its horizons and invited colleges from all over India. HR College was one of those few colleges to get through the eliminations round for every event of the festival.
Sports Day - December 13, 2014: The participants displayed enthusiasm, skill and sportsman spirit. Not only did they participate in every event, but also performed excellently. Of the three flagship events, HR College achieved winning positions in two. They performed their best and lead the college to the first runner-up position.
Academic Day - December 14, 2014: After putting up an excellent show at Sports Day, HR College was all ready to showcase its intellectual skills. In spite of having a really small contingent, the participants managed to put in their hundred percent and came out with flying colours. The flagship events were once again taken by the students of HR College.
Cultural Day - December 15, 2014: The last was the most exciting day of the festival. HR College stood 1st and had the audience laughing, roaring, swaying and applauding delightfully at their performances.

Research towards Street Play! January 15, 2015

Students of the Research Cell working under Department of Lifelong learning and Extension took part in the University of Mumbai fest - Udaan : The Flight of Extension 2014-15.
10 students part of DLLE 2014-15 are: Anjali Bhanot, Mohit Choudhary, Bhavya Advani, Harshita Ahuja, Tanishq Kapoor, Neel Churiwala, Yash Jain, Parth Sethia, Smita Kejriwal and Sagar Bhagchandani; came up with an appealing and innovative script for street play focusing on the status of women in the society. They also developed a poster focusing on the social issue.
The success of the HR team at Udaan fest 2014-15 resulted in them being chosen to host the Fest next year.

The Research Cell Bash!! January 16, 2015

Students from Research Cell were invited by B.L. Amlani College, Ville Parle (W) for their event Elysium - a university tie up event.
Two HR students Anjali Bhanot and Mohit Choudhary were invited to host this college event. Aakash Goplani, Anjali Bhanot, Bhavya Advani, Parth Sethia, Saurabh Karira, Sagar Bhagchandani made HR proud by winning awards across various categories. Trupti Bansode, Smita Kejriwal, Bhavesh Badlani, Yash Jain, Tanishq Kapoor also participated actively in various events.

Win at All India Inter-University Squash(M) Tournament 2014-15

Shashi Pandey and Abhishek Agarwal from the T.Y.B.Com. represented the University of Mumbai Team at the All India Inter-University Squash (M) Tournament 2014-15 held at the Anna University, Chennai on the February 16-17, 2015.
The team successfully defended their title by winning the Championship for the 3rd Consecutive Year, Shashi Pandey and Abhishek Agarwal having their contribution in all three years.
Shashi Pandey has been ranked 3rd in India in the Junior Category.
Abhishek Agarwal is in the top 16 in India in the Senior Category.

Gold Medals for Shooting

Shreya Gawande a TYBCom student participated in the National Games representing Maharashtra and won an individual bronze medal and a team gold medal.
Kumar Surendra Singh Nationals and won an individual gold in open seniors category and two junior individual gold medals as well.

AASHAYEIN (December 20-21, 2014)

"Aashayein" a 2 day fest was hosted by IFEEL (Institute for Entrepreneurship, Education and Learning) and the students grabbed 1st place for two management events.
· Corporate Chanakya (1st prize)
· Corporate Chanakya (3rd prize) & Debate (1st prize)

FINACCIN (January 12 & 13, 2015)

For the 1st time H.R. College of Commerce and Economics grabbed the FINACCIN 2015 trophy. The fest was based on Finance, Accounts and Insurance and was hosted by L.S. Raheja College, Santacruz, Mumbai. The following list consists of the events and the winner's position respectively:
Stock Boxers: 2nd and 3rd place
Excellus: 1st place and 2nd place
Trickle: 1st place

MONNAIE (January 10, 2015)

The Students of H.R. College; for the very first time, secured 1st Runners Up position at MONNAIE 2015-a business and financial festival hosted by K.E.S. Shroff College, Kandivali.
The fest consisted of thirteen events in all.
· Financial Monopoly: 2nd place
· Beat the Banker:1st place and 2nd place
· Budget Mania:1st place
· Chota Boss: 2nd place
· Stress Management: 2nd place
· Fastest First:1st place
· Word Chaos:1st place and 2nd place
· Strive to win: 2nd place

KA-CHING (January 15 - 16, 2015)

The Student's council of H.R. College participated in a 2 day Business and Economics Fest "Ka-ching" hosted by NMIMS College and grabbed the trophy for the 1st time.
Chor Bazaar: 1st prize
Bull Run: 1st and 2nd prize
IN-QUIZ-ITIVE (Business and economics quiz): 1st prize
War of Westeros:1st prize
Addiction: 1st prize
KA – PL (Mock IPL auction): 2nd position

Research Cell win @ National College February 20 & 21, 2015

The students from Research Cell participated in Meter Down 2015 - a fest organized by National College. The students were seen enthusiastic about all the categories of events may it be cultural, sports or academics.
They proved their dedication yet another time by winning several events and placed 2nd Best Contingent. The winning events were:
1. Deal or No Deal: Mohit Choudhary & Saurabh Karira - 1st prize
2. Jugalbandi: Anjali Bhanot, Aakash Goplani & Bhavya Advani -1st prize
3. AdMania: Aakash Goplani & Anjali Bhanot - 1st prize
4. Never Say Never: Anjali Bhanot & Bhavya Advani - 1st prize
5. Telegames: Kopal Airen, Meghal Gehani, Ammar Kinkhabwala, Kangana pandiya,Tanishq Kapoor, Akshay Jain, Aakash Ahuja - 1st prize
6. Nukkad Naatak: Akshay Jain, Mohiika Rastogi, Meghal Gehani, Shlok Gupta, Kopal Airen, Tanishq Kapoor, Kangana Pandiya, Trupti Bansode, Shreshtha Gupta - 2nd prize